After many years as an independent consultant to business owners, primarily in the hospitality industry, but throughout many segments of the marketplace, Paul Darrow founded PHD Financial LLC.

There was a great need by franchise and independent business owners for financial consultation and debt restructuring. We chose to create a niche business that could both advise and consult on financial issues, working as a liaison between business and property owners, and their lenders, to make finance and debt restructure negotiations a more seamless and effective process.

Today, PHD Financial provides over thirty years of expertise in commercial finance, debt restructuring, real estate brokerage, and business consulting.


PHD Financial strives to deliver impressive results for businesses, with a commitment to manage our clients’ matters as if they were our own. We spend whatever time and resources necessary to cultivate relationships with numerous contacts, networks, associations, and lenders to provide the most beneficial outcomes for clients.

We are committed to focusing on each client’s circumstance and need, developing a plan for measurable results, successful transactions, and future profitability.


With over 30 years of extensive experience in crisis management consulting, debt restructuring, and generating new financing for commercial real estate, hotels, hospitality, food manufacturing, and distribution companies, our understanding of operations enables us to be highly successful in negotiating existing debt with banks, SBA, USDA, and the Treasury, as well as providing new sources of funds for our clients.


PHD Financial’s services have proven to be invaluable to the hospitality community through educational seminars in partnership with several trade associations. Our successful work with hundreds of hoteliers over the years has made PHD Financial the go-to firm for financing and franchise negotiations. PHD Financial is the preferred lender for several franchise brands.


PHD Financial is dedicated to helping create financial solutions for businesses, corporations, partnerships, and individuals. We are committed to creating opportunities for valued clients to receive a fresh start in the marketplace. Our team consistently upholds and adheres to high-integrity business standards, which has enabled us to maintain relationships with local and national lenders, private and venture capital groups, and many community resources to serve our clients.

Our goal is to be recognized as a trusted and reputable financial consulting firm, with a relentless focus on sustainable results and valued partnerships. We strive to make a positive impact in the communities we serve by promoting economic growth, financial stability, and entrepreneurship. Our vision is to continue empowering business owners and individuals to overcome financial challenges, achieve their goals, and thrive in the marketplace.

Our People

Paul Darrow | Founder / President
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561.508.7558 office ext:1



Jody Darrow
Co-Founder, Executive VP
Marketing / Development
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561.508.7558 office ext:1010



Evan Darrow
SVP, Real Estate
NMLS #2343905
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561.508.7558 office ext:3



Jesse Darrow
SVP, Lending
NMLS #1762525
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561.508.7558 office ext:2



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